Macalester College hosted Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations. The event was sponsored by the university’s Institute for Global Citizenship. The university unraveled a sculpture of Annan as a part of the opening of their new Markim Hall, the $7.5 million building meant to “exceed the sustainability requirements of LEED Platinum certification.” Annan, who got his bachelors in economics at the university in 1961, gave a short speech as part of the unveiling of the bust and the opening of Markim Hall.

The speech itself was short. He stressed the point that we are all a part of a global village, evidenced by the ongoing global economic and financial crisis. He also stated climate change is a real danger, that we should work together to stop it, and that the green Markim Hall is a step in that direction. Finally, he suggested students (there were none there, alas) should become involved in their local communities, as that is the beginning to bring about change in the world. I can help but agree with him on all points.